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In this blog, we provide you with articles regarding the real estate sector, news and opinions in general about Spain.

Biggest Group Of Buyers

10/09/2015 12:30:44 Language: English Author: Properties Consulting

The English is the biggest group

Biggest Group Of Buyers

The English is the biggest group of buyers on Costa del Sol, after comes the Scandinavians. During the last two years has the amount of sold properties rised with 60 per cent according to the Spanish land registration authority.

Rise in July

2.228 properties were bought in the province of Málaga in the month of July which is 14.5 percent more than last year during the same period. During the seven first months this year there were 14.566 properties sold in the Málaga province.

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The English, Scandinavians, month of July, rise.


The English is the biggest group of buyers on Costa del Sol and after comes the Scandinavians. The number of sold properties has gone up comparing to last year.


04/08/2015 18:19:34 Language: English Author: Properties Consulting

Rise in tourism


The first five months of this year there were 1,3 million accommodations excluding residential tourism on Costa del Sol, which is a rise with 4% comparing to last year and 2,14 million airport arrivals which is up with 5%.

Real estate agencies

In one year there are more than 800 new registered real estate agencies on Costa del Sol, and now there are 8000 in total. It shows a great growth on the market and many people have a positive feeling to this beautiful place.

Key Tags

Rise, tourism, real estate agencies


Rise in tourism and real estate agencies on Costa del Sol.

Health Care

01/07/2015 12:54:34 Language: English Author: Properties Consulting

One of the best in the world

Health Care

Eurostat and the OECD reports that the Spanish healthcare system is one of the best in Europe.

Beats the USA

The country is ranked fifth best in the world, in a study which measured efficiency, life expectancy and cost. Spain beats also Australia, Canada, Norway and the USA.

Modern hospitals

The healthcare system in Spain is considered to be very good. Spanish hospitals are modern and well-equipped and the facilities tend to be modern, with state-of-the-art equipment, and Spanish doctors must pass rigorous qualifying exams to get their license to practice.

Key Tags

5th best, beats Australia, Canada, Norway and USA


Spain is the fifth country in the world regarding the healthcare system.

Pompidou Centre Of Málaga

05/04/2015 13:02:30 Language: English Author: Properties Consulting

New Art and Culture Center in Málaga

Pompidou Centre Of Málaga

On March 28th the national centre of art and culture Pompidou in Málaga was official inaugurated. Málaga, which is the hometown of Pablo Picasso can now enjoy which is the second external center to Paris and the first original branch located outside of France.

Includes famous pieces

It is called “The Cube” because of its shape and it is located near the port of Málaga. Here you can enjoy pieces of art from Francis Bacon, Sophie Calle, Frida Kahlo, René Magritte, Tony Ourster and from Picasso himself amongst others.

Minister of Spain

It was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of Spain, Mariano Rajoy, and the Minister of Culture of France, Fleur Pellerin. Malaga city expects more than 400 000 visitors only from the first year.

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Art and culture center,


New branch of the art and culture center, Pompidou inaugurated. Located close to the port in Málaga, the hometown of Picasso.

Property taxes

13/01/2015 14:53:25 Language: English Author: Properties Consulting


Property taxes

ITP-Impuesto sobre Transmisiones Patrimoniales. This is a transfer tax considering resale properties and is normally 8% of the purchase price, while new properties, which means a property that has never been sold don't have this tax but 10% V.A.T instead.

Personal income tax

This is a tax when owning a second home in Spain for both residents and non residents. It is calculated based on the cadastral value by the Land Registry. The cadastral value is normally a minimum of half of the real market value.


IBI-Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles. This is a tax set by the town hall. This tax has to be paid once a year and is between 0,3 to 1,3% of the cadastral value of the property.


The plusvalia is a tax set by the local authorities and it is based on the increase of the value of the dwelling from the date the owner bought the property to the time of the present sale.

Capital gains tax

This tax must be paid by the seller. According to Spanish fiscal law, the buyer withholds 3% of the total purchase price on the day of the signing at the notary.

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Property taxes Costa del Sol


General property taxes in Andalucía, Spain

New Luxury Hotel In Marbella

28/09/2014 20:26:45 Language: English Author: Properties Consulting

Luxury hotel

New Luxury Hotel In Marbella

The hotel chain Blue Bay will build a luxury hotel in the La Bajadilla port in Marbella and it will be a part of the new project. The hotel will have twenty-four floors and as many as 200 rooms. It is supposed to be one of the most luxurious hotels in the world with a luxury spa with high-end treatments. The hotel will be located in the new area that will have the name, Marina Marbella Mall.

Agreement signed

The agreement is signed by the company, Naas Marbella, formed by Sheikh Al-Thani and the Satli-Iglesias family who is part of the Blue Bay chain that owns 30 hotels worldwide and they also have the right to build another hotel on Esteponas boulevard.

Key Tags

The Bajadilla port, luxury hotel


New luxury hotel to be part of the upgrade in the port of Marbella, La Bajadilla. The name of the area will be; Marina Marbella Mall.

Buying cheap

12/08/2014 15:45:08 Language: English Author: Properties Consulting

Buying cheap

Buying cheap

When it comes to buying cheap on the Costa del Sol, the tax office has placed its value per dwelling. If you buy too cheap, if the price is below the assessed value(rateable) in Andalusia, you have to pay something called "Complementaria". This happens quite often nowadays with the crisis that has been, and homes have been sold at a loss. Even if you buy a bank repossession, too cheap, you have to pay Complementaria.

How much is the transfer tax?

Right now, 10% VAT for new properties and for resale properties there is a transfer tax: · 8% for transactions of less than 400,000€. · 9% for amounts over 400,000€ and up to 700,000€. · 10% for amounts over 700,000€.

How do I know if I have to pay

By calculating the taxable value of the property you are considering buying. If this value is higher than the purchase price, you will pay. It may be that it takes up to five years after the purchase, before you need to pay La Complementaria.

Cheap is not the best

For example: if you buy a resale apartment costing 200,000€, you should pay 16,000€ in tax. If the tax office value of the home is 300,000€, equivalent to a tax of 24,000€, you must pay the difference of 8000€, plus interest.

Different areas different prices

Each municipality has its values on housing. Your lawyer can advise you of an approximate figure, if or how much “Complementaria” you will need to pay, when you've decided for a home.

Key Tags

Costa del Sol, La Complementaria, Taxable value, assessed value. Buying cheap


If you buy a home that is underpriced, you must pay the difference of the taxable value according to the tax office.

The amount of homes purchased are increased

02/07/2014 16:40:26 Language: English Author: Properties Consulting

The amount of purchased properties are increased

The amount of homes purchased are increased

Due to the figures that the notaries are sending, can we see that there is an increase of purchasing homes comparing to last years trimester at this time of the year. There is an increase up to 67% on Costa del Sol and 40% of the buyers are foreigners.

Prices are increasing

It also shows that the average price on the purchased properties has increased with 3 352€ in Spain. The average price of a property was 134 416€ in the whole country and in Andalusia the average price was 120 648€.

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Purchase prices are increasing


The prices of purchased properties has increased. 40% of the property buyers are foreigners.

Ferris wheel and aquarium in Málaga port

24/05/2014 17:56:39 Language: English Author: Properties Consulting

Ferris wheel and an aquarium to be built in Málaga

Ferris wheel and aquarium in Málaga port

As of the end of 2015, visitors to Málaga can enjoy to visit a new aquarium and the view from a ferris wheel, which is now planned to be built in the port.

Investors interested in the project

The company Aquagestión, has presented this project which consists of a 50-meter high ferris wheel and an aquarium. The project is supported by the port authorities and the administration of the municipality. There are also investors interested in the project who will assist with 25 million euro.

Major changes

Málaga's port has already undergone major changes and is today an attractive place for those who want to spend a lovely day on the coast, with good shops and lovely restaurants.

Key Tags

Málaga port, new attractions, ferris wheel , aquarium, completion en of 2015


Málaga port with new attractions such as a ferris wheel and an aquarium to be built and finished in the end of 2015

New Heliport

01/04/2014 09:49:44 Language: English Author: Properties Consulting

Heliport In El Pinillo

New Heliport

The new project in Málaga is to build a heliport, so that high spending toursists have another option of travelling to Marbella and other different cities.

Placed By The Sea

The new heliport will be placed by the sea in El Pinillo and will occupy the space around 6000m2, making sure that nature will not be harmed in any way. It will have a takeoff landing zone of 24,4 meters in diameter and will have a parking space for four helicopters, a cafeteria and a parking zone.

Low Noise Levels

The operating hours will be from 7am to 7pm. The agreement should be that as long as there are maximum 7 flights per week and that the entrance and departure is over the sea for the cause of the noise levels.

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Heliport, El Pinillo,


New heliport gives the opportunity for high spending tourists to travel to different cities from Málaga.

Pound, SE krona and NO krone climb versus the euro since 2013

13/03/2014 19:02:08 Language: English Author: Peter Lavelle

Pound to euro

Pound, SE krona and NO krone climb versus the euro since 2013

Welcome to Pure FX's update of the foreign exchange rate. This is intended to tell how the exchange rate will affect your property purchase in the Costa del Sol. Pound to euro Sterling stands at 1.1950 against the euro at present, +4.97% or 5-and-a-half cents higher than this time 12 months ago. To put this into context, were you to transfer £125,000 to buy a Costa del Sol property today, you'd receive +€6,838 more now than in March 2013, which is clearly a large saving. Sterling has climbed in the past 12 months, because the UK economy has sprung to life in a way no one expected. For instance, the UK economy is set to expand +3.4% in 2014, "the fastest-growing major economy," according to Bank of England chief Mark Carney.

Swedish krona to euro

The krona has climbed +11.88% against the euro since mid-December to hit 0.1130, a 3-month high. To put this into context, were you to transfer kr1,250,000 to Spain to buy a Costa del Sol property, you'd now receive +€15,000 more now than 3 months ago. The krona has advanced, because Sweden's economy has accelerated in a way that no one saw coming. To be specific, Sweden's economy grew +1.7% between July and September last year, far and beyond any other European country.

Norwegian krone to euro

The Norwegian krone to euro exchange rate stands at 0.1212 at the time of writing, +3.59% higher than 3 months ago. By contrast, the krone was at just 0.117 on December 12th, meaning a kr.1,250,000 transfer would get you +€5,250 more today than 3 months ago. The krone has jumped since December, because Norway's economy expanded a full +2.0% in 2013, far more than the Eurozone's -0.4% contraction.


By Peter Lavelle at currency broker Pure FX. To get free expert foreign exchange advice about the best time to transfer money to Spain to buy a Costa del Sol property, call Pure FX on +44 (0) 1494 671800 or email enquiries@purefx.co.uk

Costa del Sol, The Coast of the Sun

10/03/2014 15:09:26 Language: English Author: Properties Consulting

Costa del Sol, The Coast of the Sun

Costa del Sol, The Coast of the Sun

The world´s largest tourism trade fair ITB Berlin, started this week. Various delegates and professionals went to promote Costa del Sol and so it is expected to be a further increase of toursits on the coast.

Increase of Germans

For example the Germans, Spain is their number one destination and last year there was 3,8 million Germans staying in hotels in the country, and so it is expected that it will be an increase with 12 per cent this year.

Coast of the Sun

Costa del Sol, is really the Coast of the Sun, with it´s micro climate and with that has drawn people from all over the world for the last four decades. It is not only because of the good weather, large amount of golf courses and the good restaurants, that this place attracts people, but there is so much more to do here.

White villages

The enormous amount of white Spanish villages to visit, Casares and Pueblo de Mijas are two very good examples. You have also the possibility to choose between hundreds of cultural and leisure activities, on the beach, in the wilderness or in he country side. The city of Málaga is also a fantastic place to visit, that has a world class historic artistic heritage.

A must!

Costa del Sol, also enjoys a great mixture of cultures and lifestyles which makes the place so attractive that it is a must to come here!

Key Tags

ITB Berlin, Increase Germans, Mijas, Casares,


This week is the world´s largest tourism trade fair ITB, It is expected an increase of German tourism, Casares and Mijas, two great villages.

New Investments On Costa Del Sol

04/02/2014 17:42:53 Language: English Author: Properties Consulting

Marbella, The St Tropez Of Spain

New Investments On Costa Del Sol

Marbella, the St Tropez of Southern Spain, remains the most glamorous part of the ever-popular Costa del Sol. So it is still a very popular place for the rich and famous and George Clooney just bought a villa here.

Number One

Spain has now become the number one location people planning to buy a second home. For those who can, this is the time to buy a home in the sun, and if someone has a multi- million dollar portfolio, there are very good investment opportunities.

Southern Spain, Biggest Provider Of The Spanish Economy

Spain is expected to be the biggest provider of real estate in Southern Spain across the international market. There is a good amount of property investers purchasing distressed properties and turning them around, so it is expected that this influx of investment will give great awards for the Spanish economy.

Boulevard In San Pedro

Other positive increasments such as the the new boulevard and park in San Pedro Alcántara, built over the tunnel on the A-7, is taking shape rapidly and some of it´s most important elements are already visible.

The New Boulevard, Plenty Of Opportunities

This new boulevard that will include a park which will have gardens, fountains, sports grounds and an auditorium, and the last mentioned “The open air auditorium” will be managed by the town hall and will facilitate the scheduling of shows for young people, ‘fiestas’ and cultural events,” Once finished the park will enable the creation of new businesses and in turn jobs. The town hall wants to put out to tender the concessions for cafes, a food market and an artificial ice rink.This will permit the practice of sports that are not possible at the moment in Marbella, like ice hockey. Another feature already under construction is a seven-metre-high walkway which should allow passers-by to see the sea from the central zone of the park. The constructions of this big investment is planned to be finished before the end of the year.

Key Tags

George Clooney, Investment Opportunities, New Boulevard In San Pedro


George Clooney bought a villa in Marbella, New investment opportunities with distressed properties, New Boulevard In San Pedro finished before the end of the year.

A letter from the agency

11/01/2014 18:09:46 Language: English Author: Properties Consulting

Dear Reader

A letter from the agency

Dear reader, first of all, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year! I hope that you will have lot´s of health, prosperity and love in this coming year. Last year was very busy for Properties Consulting Costa del Sol, and so is the beginning of this year too, as the first signing of this year was on the very first working day, and it goes on and on.. I have noticed that it has been very busy for my dear colleagues and collaborators as well, so we are very lucky being on Costa del Sol!

The Crisis Is Over

The crisis is over! Well, the spanish politicians are claiming so, and to me it makes sense, but now Spain has to recover. Now it can only go in one direction, and that is up! Fortunately is Costa de Sol a very special and desirable place with or without crisis, and most of us, in the real estate business have survived well.

Properties Consulting Costa del Sol

Properties Consulting Costa del Sol is here to help you, so that you also can be a part of the wonderful lifestyle that this coast is offering. The help that you can receive from this agency is far beyond finding the right property for you. Our services are much more and can be not only what you find on Our Services page, but more. Just ask us and we will do our very best! Kindest regards, Anna

Properties increases in price

03/12/2013 19:44:41 Language: English Author: Properties Consulting

Spain is still a hot place for second home buyers

Properties increases in price

Many of today's newspapers says that interests in buying homes in Spain is still giving a high figure. Most people are buying holiday homes, while a few years ago, the foreigners moved permanently to Spain.

The British are still the top of the statistics

The British are still the top of the statistics of buyers, then come Russians, Frenchmen, Belgians and Scandinavians, who are some of the most common home buyers

Lack of housing

Realestate companies in for example Fuengirola (Costa del Sol) has property shortage near the sea and homes within walking distance to Puerto Banus (Marbella) is sold faster than it comes in new so one can feel a certain lack of housing in these areas.

Prices are rising

Housing prices have risen in 20 municipalities in Spain, and it is in areas located on the coast and cities like Madrid and Barcelona.

Numbers close to the peak year

There are indications that 8013 foreigners bought homes in Spain between January and March this year. This is a figure that is close to the peak year of 2006. It is the first time in six years that this happens, according to the bank´s own statistics. Even construction companies begins again to show an interest, especially along the coast of the Costa del Sol, but it may be that prices continue to fall in the less desirable areas, where there are still thousands of bank repossessions, but along the coast and in the more desirable areas there is a high demand and few properties.


There is an increase of prices of housing in desirable areas in Spain, such as the coast and large cities.

New Constructions In Spain

07/11/2013 18:52:29 Language: English Author: Properties Consulting

Property Constructions Spain

New Constructions In Spain

According to estimates by the Catalonia Institute of Construction Technology (ITeC) construction of new housing in Spain will increase by 5% in 2014 and 15% in 2015.

Numbers will rise

2013 will see construction started on 40,000 new units. ITeC's predictions are that these numbers will rise to 45,000 in 2014 and 60,000 in 2015.

108.5 million €

But now when Bill Gates paid € 108.5 million to FCC we might see higher figures than earlier estimated.

FCC was on the top

FCC is a construction and services company that flourished during Spain's property boom. At its peak in 2006-2007, Spain was building more homes than Germany, France and the U.K combined. Since the building bubble burst with the onset of the 2008 global financial crisis, FCC has battled to restructure a massive debt and to reinvent itself as a more international player, and as a provider of services such as waste management and wateMADRID—Microsoft Corp.

Spain is Back

In the latest of several deals showing that long-depressed Spain is back on the global investment map.

Street Market, Costa del Sol

26/10/2013 14:42:08 Language: English Author: Properties Consulting


Street Market, Costa del Sol

Cártama, Malaga (Martiricos), Rincón de la Victoria (Benagalbón), Fuengirola (Méndez Núñez), Ronda , Coín (La Trocha), Pizarra (car boot opposite Día supermarket), Nerja (between Urbs. Almijara II and Flamenco) San Roque (El Ejido fairground) and Sotogrande Port (antique market by El Octógono). Markets held in mornings, unless otherwise stated.


Marbella, Torrox, San Enrique and Taraguilla. Markets held in mornings, unless otherwise stated.


Nerja, Antequera, Fuengirola and Puerto Banús. Markets held in mornings, unless otherwise stated.


Alhaurín de la Torre, Malaga (Avda. Juan XXII), Mijas (La Cala), Rincón de la Victoria and Estepona. Markets held in mornings, unless otherwise stated.


San Pedro de Alcántara , Malaga (Cruz de Humilladero), Torre del Mar, Torremolinos, Vélez Malaga, Nerja, Alhaurín el Grande, Calahonda, Torreguadiaro (La Laguna promenade), San Roque (Estación) and Puente Mayorga. Markets held in mornings, unless otherwise stated.


Benalmádena, Almuñécar, Manilva, and Rincon de la Victoria (La Cala). Markets held in mornings, unless otherwise stated.


Coín, Malaga (El Palo), Nueva Andalucía, Puerto Banús, Mijas (La Cala II and Las Lagunas), Ojén, Vélez Malaga, Fuengirola (fairground), Ronda (organic market. Plz San Rafael - 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., 2nd and 4th Sat of the month), Coín (organic market - Plz Villa de Coín - every third Saturday of the month), Torreguadiaro (crafts market on La Laguna promenade in the evening during the summer) and Venta San Antonio between Pizarra and Ardales (Arts and Crafts Market and Car Boot - 952458413 or 696068598). Markets held in mornings, unless otherwise stated.

Guide for purchasing a property on Costa del Sol

10/10/2013 21:19:06 Language: English Author: Properties Consulting

Reservation Contract

Guide for purchasing a property on Costa del Sol

This is a simple contract made by your real estate agent, that confirms the price of the property and that the reservation fee( normally an amount of 6000€) is paid to the buyers lawyer´s clients account. Then the seller takes the property off the market. The reservation period is normally between one and two weeks and during this time the lawyer will check the Property Registry, that all documents are correct. The reservation fee is refundable if there would be a problem with the property.

Private Purchase Contract

This document is made by the lawyer and includes purchase conditions and other agreements. When signed, the buyer will pay ten percent, minus the reservation fee. This contract is binding for both parties.


Both the buyer and seller will meet at the Notary office ( in case of that the lawyer has power of attorney you do not have to attend). The outstanding money will be paid and your keys will be handed over.

Ownership Registration

All costs such as for the lawyer, transfer tax etc, which is around 11 percent of the purchase price will be paid and following the signing of the property transfer at the Notary, your lawyer will forward the title deeds(escritura) to the Property Register for public registration. This register holds information about the legal ownership and details of mortgages and other charges or rights. A very important document which is obtained from the Property Register is the “Nota Simple” which is the summary of the records of your property.

Declared Money

Please note that for purchasing a property in Spain, the money has to be declared and come from your private bank account and from the country where you live.

Tourism growth in Spain

06/10/2013 10:50:30 Language: English Author: properties Consulting

Most are British

Tourism growth in Spain

The dominant tourism is still British, with 8,000,000 visitors, followed by Germany with 5.4 million and France with 5.1 million.

2,9% increase

In July came 7.8 million tourists to Spain, which is an increase of 2.9%, and is the highest figure ever in this month.

This year beats 2008

The second largest increase after Russia are the Northerners with a figure so far at 2.9 million.This is an increase of 18% when compared with last year. During the first 7 months of this year came 34 million tourists, and is 400,000 more than in 2008, which was the previous highest year of visitors.

Key Tags

Britts still dominant, Germany, France, increase, Russia, Northeners


In july this year came 7,8 million tourists to Spain which is the highest figure ever in this month

Permanent residency in Spain for non-european individuals

01/10/2013 20:17:05 Language: English Author: Properties Consulting

Permanent residency in Spain

Permanent residency in Spain for non-european individuals

It was in October last year that the Spanish government announced that the non- europeans who invest in real estate for more than 500.000€ in Spain will have the permission to stay indefinitely.

New law for investors

The new law is to be passed any day now and the realestate experts believe that this will have the effect of that thousands of new investors will come to Spain, purchasing realestate.

Interests from China, India and America

A direct interest is registered from China, India and America, but why is Spain such an attractive place for investors? With a permanent residency, it is easy for them to travel in the Schengen-zone, but for some it is for the same reason as for many others; to enjoy the Spanish lifestyle.

Boost in the real estate market

It is expected to be a boost in the realestate market , especially in the areas of Madrid, Barcelona, Mallorca, Ibiza and of course in Marbella, Puerto Banus where there is a good selection of desirable properties on the market.

Key Tags

Permanent residency, Non-european, investors, China, India, America, real estate, Schengen-zone, Mallorca, Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona, Marbella, Puerto Banús


A new law will due anytime soon, that non-europeans who invest in Spanish real estate with a value more than 500.000€, will receive permanent residency.

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